John’s Beginner Course: How to Find (and Identify) ANY wild mushroom


Become a mushroom hunting EXPERT and learn how to find and identify choice edibles, magic, or ANY other kind of mushroom!


How do I know which mushrooms are edible, medicinal or magic?

This is by far the most common question people have when it comes to the world of mushroom hunting and identification.

So that’s EXACTLY what I had in mind when I made this course.

Here’s what I did,

  1. I went back to the mind of  a brand new mushroom hunter and remembered the questions that I asked myself.
  2. I then answered these questions in a way that I WISHED someone had answered for me back then.
  3.  Most people say that they don’t know where to start when it comes to mushroom identification so I fixed this problem by providing a start to finish program that will set you on your way to being able to identify ANY wild mushroom.

Check out a sample of what this course has to offer!

Here’s what can happen when you put this course to work!

What’s in this course,


››› Choosing a mushroom: I show you how to choose a mushroom that will grow in your area. Instead of solely learning HOW to identify the mushrooms you want to find, I start you off by showing you how to be SURE that your mushroom can be easily found.

››› Understanding Trees and their associations: Tons of sought after mushrooms grow in association with certain trees. I show you how to find out find the RIGHT tree for your mushroom and if it can be found in your area.

››› Indicator mushrooms: Indicator mushrooms are mushrooms that can share the same habitat as your goal. They can provide hints that you’re in the right spot. I show you how to intimately understand these mushrooms so that you can know if you’re on the right track

››› Lookalike mushrooms: It’s stressful to think that you may be taking a risk consuming wild fungi. Lookalikes are the bane of mycophagists! I show you how to understand poisonous lookalikes, and non-poisonous lookalikes so you know what to look out for and what to stay away from.

››› Weather patterns: Mushrooms will only grow in certain types of weather. Even then, they’ll only grow in select few places. I show you the tools and strategies I use to scout and forecast when it’s a good time to hunt.

››› Elevation levels: Not only do mushrooms grow in select places, some also are heavily affected by altitude. In the course I show you exactly how to think about elevation, and how it pertains to your hunt.

››› Scouting: Study is a necessary part to mushrooming, but eventually you’ll have to get out of the house. Once you experience success, you’ll know how to replicate it. I show you how to scout the BEST areas so you can have the highest chance of success possible.

What it’s NOT,

››› This is not a field guide:

››› This is not an alternative to ID requesting:

››› This is not an invitation to break the law:

››› This does not count as a certification to selling wild mushrooms commercially

››› This does not replace personal responsibility when it comes to eating foraged wild mushrooms

Here’s what people have to say about this course,

-Ron from Facebook- 

“John saw that I was new to mushroom hunting and reached out to me.

I watched the videos and WOW what a wealth of information! These videos take you step by step to begin your search for mushrooms. So many details and great web sites are on these videos.

If you are new to mushroom hunting YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS, if you are an old hat at it YOU SHOULD WATCH THEM TOO, you may learn something new.

The videos are a well thought out and easy to follow step by step system. FANTASTIC JOB WELL DONE.

John’s love of mushrooms comes through as he shares his wealth of information. A MUST WATCH FOR ALL MUSHROOMERS NEW AND OLD!”

-Cheyenne from Facebook-

“I have watched all of the informational videos John has made about learning to identify mushrooms as a beginner and they were so helpful to me in my pursuit to gain more knowledge about mushrooms.

He covers everything and even provides you a convenient and helpful way to store all of the information you need to learn about mushrooms.

As a beginner his course taught me all about the best way to identify mushrooms and their habitats.”

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If you are not 110% happy with this course…If you don’t think this at all helped you with your mushrooming journey…

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There are NO strings attached.

I’m  so confident that you will think this is the best course out there, you can return it within 60 days, and I’ll give you a 100% complete refund … and we’ll still be friends.

But honestly, I’m not so worried about you returning it.

Because I believe in this THAT MUCH.

I know most people will not return it because they simply won’t be confident enough without it.

With this course, the knowledge you’ll gain about hunting and identification is priceless

Basically, you’ll finally be able find mushrooms and identify them yourself, that you simply won’t need any other course.

But remember, I’ll only be offering the bonus for a limited time. So once it’s taken down, you won’t be able to get it.

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