Ultimate List of Dichotomous Keys

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So you want to identify a mushroom yourself huh?

I’ve got your back. This ultimate list of dichotomous keys will help you get closer to your much desired identification.


*Note! Remember that dichotomous keys like these are never 100% and are almost never surefire. For further reading on using dichotomous keys, check out this blog post by Anna McHugh on her blog


1. Michael Kuo’s key

One you’ve probably stumbled upon.

2. Messiah College key

Key to shapes. A great visual starter key

3. Mykoweb

A comprehensive key to the fungi of California

4. Ed’s e-key

A digital port from a publication “Mushrooms of North America” by Orson K. Miller, Jr.

5. Pacific Northwest Key Council’s key to Pacific Northwest fungi

One of the most comprehensive identification keys for the Pacific Northwest on the web

6. Roger’s mushrooms

An older but helpful visual key

7. Pictorial key to Pacific Northwest fungi

A pleasing visual key

8. Mycokey.com (Morphing Mushroom Identifier)

A downloadable interactive key with a database of photos to compare findings. A premium version exists with  a larger database


9. Mushroom The Journal (Leon Shernoff’s) key to fungi of the Great Lakes area

A fantastic visual key

10.Gary Lincoff’s key to mushrooms

An easily understood key

I hope you found some value in this list. Leave me a comment below if you didn’t.


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