Cooking Tips with the Forager Chef

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In this video, I sat down with Alan Bergo, the "Forager Chef".

He is the blogger behind the website where you can learn tons of cool recipes that consist of wild harvested mushrooms and other wild goodies.

We talk a little bit about his personal story leading up to becoming head chef at Lucia's in Minneapolis.

Not only that, he explains the BEST way to cook chanterelles which blew my mind a little bit. I hope you enjoy this interview I had with Alan, the "Forager Chef". Follow him on...



or reach out to him via his blog

Mushrooms mentioned:

"Porcini" Boletus edulis "

Chicken of the Woods"

Laetiporus sulphureus

"Half-free morels" Morchella semi-libera

"Black morels" Morchella elata

 "Chanterelles" Cantharellus formosus

"Resinous polypore" Ischnoderma resinosum

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